The Yarn

“With These Hands” strives to use the best yarns to crochet with, thus creating elegant, comfortable and beautiful garments, pleasing to the wearer as well as the admirers.

“With These Hands” has done much research on which yarns work the best, specifically with regards to swimwear and has come to the conclusion that acrylic and bamboo silk are the favourites, with cotton coming in at 3rd place.


Acrylic:Strong & durable

It holds up well and does not hold water when wet. It also dries quickly and you don’t have to worry about walking around in a wet swimsuit, for too long. The manufacture of the yarn has become softer and therefore more comfortable and has the added benefit of strength and durability. It also has a stretch which makes for comfortable wearing.

Bamboo Silk:Elegant and silky

For elegant and silky swimwear, this beautiful and luxurious yarn will not disappoint you. The yarn is exceptionally durable and does not expand in water, making it ideal for swimwear.

It is slightly expensive, but worth the investment as not only is it silky to the touch of your skin, but it is bound to draw many an admiring glance.


Cotton:Added comfort.

Whilst cotton is a popular choice for a wide variety of garments, it may not be so pleasing when plunging into a pool or into the ocean. It is beautiful to lounge around in at the poolside, or lying on the beach, but unfortunately it holds water once wet and takes longer to dry, causing the swimsuit to feel heavy.

Whilst it does stretch when wet, it works beautifully when blended with acrylic yarn, giving it an added stretch, which will bring added comfort.

Having covered the yarns most suited to.  Cotton comes up trump in this department and makes for stunning festival wear, cheeky swimwear, “With These Hands” is thrilled to say these yarns are just as versatile in the making and wearing of other garments shorts or playful tops, to mention but a few and the bamboo silk can hold its own, as a beach cover, shawl or something  elegant  and comfortable to lounge around in, on a lazy indoors day, reading a novel or watching a romantic movie!


“With these Hands” has chosen only the best yarns to make sure, you always look and feel beautiful. No matter where you find yourself, or what mood you may be in, “With These Hands” is always in touch.

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