Broad choker with beads


Crochet Broad choker with beads

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It holds up well and does not hold water when wet. It also dries quickly and you don’t have to worry about walking around in a wet swimsuit, for too long. The manufacture of the yarn has become softer and therefore more comfortable and has the added benefit of strength and durability. It also has a stretch which makes for comfortable wearing.


Whilst cotton is a popular choice for a wide variety of garments, it may not be so pleasing when plunging into a pool or into the ocean. It is beautiful to lounge around in at the poolside, or lying on the beach, but unfortunately it holds water once wet and takes longer to dry, causing the swimsuit to feel heavy.

Whilst it does stretch when wet, it works beautifully when blended with acrylic yarn, giving it an added stretch, which will bring added comfort.

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Acrylic, Cotton


White, Navy blue, Dusty pink, Red